This is the first on-line game in Indonesia that use MUG (Multi User Game). Lots of great stuff  in this game, such as community, adventurer, battle, romantic story, socialization and more.

You can adventure in real world or spirit world in this game, study magic craft, learn new skill, hunting, create community, chatting and also gathering wealth. And at the end, you can become a god !

Nexia is a multiplayer Role Playing Games (RPG). More and more users will be playing this game and it will be fun to play with others people around the world ! And also there's lot of mysteries you can solve. Is it Great, if you can have weapons or magic that nobody have except you ? 

Are you interested in mystery ? Or some romantic story ? How about Steel Shield and swing your long lost Sword Of Eternity ? Or you just want to become a very rich person and have many many ancient artifacts ?